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About Us

Bleach Blend Coffee is an exclusive coffee service in Nosara, Costa Rica. Beach Blend Coffee was opened as a service to the Nosara area by joint owners Gary Blank and Walt Wallace. Costa Rica is a world renowned coffee producer of some of the finest coffee beans available. Nosara with all of it’s wonderful attractions, people and waves has always lacked fresh, quality Costa Rican coffee. There are many boutique coffees and supermarket coffees available here. Although a few of the local boutique coffees are fresh roasted, none are of the quality of true Costa Rican coffee. Beach Blend Coffee is Costa Rican coffee at it’s finest! We only offer coffee that is grown at the finest coffee farms in various areas of Costa Rica. Beach Blend Coffee is chosen primarily on it’s taste, growth elevations and local rainfalls. We research all our coffee areas, visit all the farms we order from and of course compare the coffees from those areas. Beach Blend Coffee is harvested, sun dried and processed to our specifications. Beach Blend Coffee comes from true Fair Trade farms and Roasters. Beach Blend Coffee is roasted fresh by dedicated, professional, multi-generation roasters and craftsmen. Give our Beach Blend Coffee a taste, you will find it at the quality hotels and restaurants here in Nosara.

Walt Wallace
Walt Wallace is a local 597 pipefitter in Chicago Illinois. Walt is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. Walt enjoys traveling to Costa Rica and enjoys the mountains and beaches. One of Walt’s favorite things is a quality cup of coffee in the morning and a pole in the water. Walt is the founding father of Beach Blend Coffee.
Gary Blank is a retired local 597 pipefitter from Chicago Illinois. Gary has been living in Costa Rica since 2005 and is currently living on the beach in Nosara. Gary oversees the day to day operation of Beach Blend Coffee. Gary has lived throughout many areas in Costa Rica but prefers the beach life and Nosara beaches are his favorite.