Beach Blend Coffee is always Fresh Roasted, High Quality Costa Rican Coffee!

Congratulations! You are at the right website for the very freshest, the super tastiest, highest quality, the most authentic Costa Rican coffee available in Nosara. Beach Blend Coffee is not a boutique blend, this is the real deal! This is the true authentic Costa Rica award winning coffees you are in search of.

It’s true, we at Beach Blend Coffee are fanatical about our coffee! We do have the good stuff, it is all professionally roasted daily and shipped here daily direct from the farms and roasters in various coffee famous growing areas of Costa Rica.

Please read through our website site at your leisure, we have included so much information we want to share with you. Fresh, great tasting Costa Rican coffee is our passion and we look forward to the opportunity to share this coffee with you!

1. You can now purchase Beach Blend Coffee in the store! Many local Super Markets, Mini Marts, Juice Bars and Deli’s have fresh roasted bags of Beach Blend Coffee available for purchase.

2. There is no 1 single coffee shop selling Beach Blend Coffee, instead many of the good restaurants, some of the coffee shops and many Nosara hotels are serving Beach Blend Coffee, ask for it.

3. There is no substitute to the fresh, rich, authentic taste of Beach Blend Coffee as you will find out soon. Check out our Facebook page for up to date information and to see where you can try Beach Blend Coffee.

4. Beach Blend Coffee is the real deal, the award winning, authentic Costa Rican coffee you desire. The Nosara Coffee Factory is located behind the BCR bank and gas station in Nosara Centro. Stop in and visit us, see and taste various coffees at our sampling events or in the Beach Blend Coffee Shoppe.